SO Home Collective is a brand that showcases modern drinkware and dinner party goods. The tall champagne stems are a detail that guests love regardless of the occasion. The elongated collection is hand blown and lead free crystal with a sleek design that doubles as décor. The champagne glass will be featured in colored glass as a nod to vintage inspired glassware and a gift that compliments any table. 

SO Home Collective is inspired by my years of curating intimate gatherings at home and our backyard, including our 200-person black tie garden wedding where we served our guests dinner under a beautiful tent. My introduction to home hosting came 12 years earlier. I served as waitstaff for a catering company to save money for law school. I would arrange glassware, table spaces, and entertainment goods in the homes of wealthy clients. I did not want to sacrifice the luxury or organized level of service that is associated with a venue; therefore, I used my styling process as an opportunity to be creative.
I later became an attorney and established the lifestyle brand “She So Overdressed” both of which allowed me to foster relationships and genuine opportunities to avail my home to host guest . As I reflect on my happiest moments they are when my guests can unwind and enjoy conversation in comfortable spaces I provide.
My mission for SO Home Collective is to share my love of luxurious details that add utility and value to home gatherings filled with heartfelt memories.
 From My Home to Yours, 
Lillian H. Alexander 
Founder - SO Home Collective